Datalit project is going to organize the training of trainers and the final conference in Palermo (Italy). All partners will attend the event both in precence and online, for spreading methodologies and techniques to teach data skills in different contexts. Last but not least, the Final Conference of Datalit. It will be organised in partnership with other two projects (PITCH and DEAL) within the 12th Conference of the Reveal community on the theme "How to Develop Innovative Professionalisation Formats on Digitalisation within the European KA1 Programme” 

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The Datalit project is at the centre of the debate during a panel discussion within the Erasmus Days 2021 agenda. Project partners have been asked for sharing their experiences during the piloting of data literacy courses. What are the results and what the lessons learned, what is the feedback from stundents and from professionals? The discussion, organized by the consortium partners will be live on 15th of October at 10:00 (CET). Please see live stream at the following link:

The recording will be also available at the same web address.

DATALIT project is going towards its objectives and consortium members are now managing the courses creation and the piloting phase.Parnter Universities are in charge of handling their lessons with students please find below a provvisional planning of what the Consortium is carrying on.

European Commission is working for upgrading the DigComp 2.1 through a participatory process within the ALL Digital newtork. Since some of the DATALIT consortium members are involved in ALL Digital, our project has been selected among showcases.

The research results of the DATALIT project have been presented in Albania during the Erasmus Days 2020. Project members from the University of Tirana, that is a Consortium member, shared the key findings with University professionals, partners, stakeholders and national/international institutions, during an event with a specific focus to those E+ projects related to technology and IT, as a way to address COVID challanges. An open Eramus + projects Fair was organized meanwhile.

A live discussion about the state of data literacy in Europe will be held online on 15 October at 12:30 CET by Dataninja, a consortium partner of DATALIT. The discussion will start from a wide research developed within DATALIT, an Erasmus+ project (Knowledge Alliance), with the aim of mapping competences, perception and learning opportunities about data-skills in Europe. We will present the key findings of the research and we will comment it with we a special guest that works as a consultant in Data Science. It will be a great opportunity to join other researchers and experts during the #EramsusDays 2020 on 15, 16 and 17 of October. Please find more at ErasmusDays website




The project consortium conducted a questionnaire amont more than 700 respondents in order to collect their opinions regarding competences and skills related to data literacy. The questionnaire has been spread around Europe in different languages with the aim of being inclusive with different audicences. Please see below more information and key findings.

The project consortium developed a desk research in order to assess a need analysis about data literacy competences and skills around Europe. This desk research was conducted by all partners of the consortium, for 18 European countries and Tunisia, which aimed to analyse the state of data literacy in each country, by answering some pertinent questions: How is data literacy (Data Literacy) perceived? Who are the stakeholders? How is it integrated in Higher Education Institutions (HEI) or enterprises? What are the most important competences for a literate person? And other relevant questions, whose answers are summarized below.

On January 22nd and 23rd, Consortium members attended the kick-off meeting of the DATALIT project – Data Literacy at the interface of higher education and business, in Palermo, Italy. 

Welcome in this website dedicated to the project DATALIT. The project is coordinated by the Institute for Educational Technology National Research Council of Italy with a number of partners from Academia and business sector.