Project results

The project consortium conducted a questionnaire among more than 700 respondents in order to collect their opinions regarding competences and skills related to data literacy. For more information click here.The project consortium developed a desk research in order to assess a need analysis about data literacy competences and skills around Europe. This desk research was conducted by all partners of the consortium, for 18 European countries and Tunisia. For more information click here

As Lead organisation, Vilnius University has coordinated the activities of WP2. In particular, an inventory of competences has been created, according to the lessons learnt during the research phase (WP1). As the second output of this WP, a grid of competences has been created, according to the LEVEL5 methodology for assessing competencies. Finally, as the third output, the consortium realized a repository of the assessment methods suitable for data literacy competences. Please contact the project coordinator (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to access the detailed reports (Inventory of competences, DATALIT Reference systems, Assessment systems inventory for Data Literacy.

Under the coordination of CNR, the consortium worked to establish the learning ecosystem of the project. In particular, the consortium defined a strategy for managing the educational content created during the project and the piloting phase with target groups. As envisioned, the consortium has chosen to host all content under the Moodle platform offered by the REVEAL network, within the REVEAL learning offers, in order to emphasize the dissemination of the DATALIT content. Please find all content at this webaddress 

DATALIT partners managed their pilots in order to the educational content created and the teaching methodology, meeting the targets envisioned at the project beginning. The consortium created the DATALIT syllabus with course modules (output 1) and configured the online learning platform (output 2). As third output, The training modules for trainers have been created for target groups. Partners told their experiences during pilots in this blog post. Please find all pilot content in the LEVEL5 platform at the following web address. If you have any trouble accessing the content, please write an email to the project coordinator Davide Taibi This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Other public outcomes